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I am Loïc Ginoux, a freelance full stack engineer with 9 years experience, working mostly with Ruby on Rails and Javascript.

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You are building a SaaS product and need a CTO for your Minimum Viable Product ?

As an entrepreneur starting its own company, choosing the right IT engineer to build your web app is one of the key elements for your success. My experience on different projects allows me to help you choose the most efficient tools and technologies for this purpose. Seeting up a good technical architecture and coding conventions from the start will save you a lot of development time and money in the long run.

Does your development team need additional help to meet the deadline ?

There are times when things didn't work as planned and you realise that the project you are working on will take longer than expected. Hiring a developer to support your team on the final steps could help achieve your goals.

Do you want to implement a new complex feature ?

Some developments are tricky to implement and require a high level of expertise. You need to make sure that the job will be made properly and using the best practices. Your team may not have the technical skills required so I can take care of such projects like implementing payment or authentication sytems, or building an API for your customers. My experience working on various fields and setting up different technical solutions will ensure you that the job will be done correctly.

Your app has few years, it's time to upgrade it.

Upgrading your code base is key for the health and the speed of your web site. It ensures that you can count on the latest security patches and features available on the market. I can help you plan an upgrade for your Ruby on Rails or Javascript applications. I will start by checking how well your app is tested via unit tests and/or integration tests. Having a good test suite is essential prior to upgrading the website to make sure that we won't break it.

Do you need to run technical audits ?

Do you need to check the state of your web application ? Has it been correctly developed ? Have all the features been correctly secured? Did it follow the best practices and conventions ? Is there any part of the code that could be improved ? It's always a good idea to rely on an external point of view. I could give you a better insight of the quality of your codebase.

Is your web application painfully slow to use ?

Your users complain about your website being slow and you know that a bad user experience makes them leave and not come back. I can put your project back on track. There are a lot of points that can be improved: front-end optimisation (html, css, images, javascript), back-end optimisation, architecture or database optimisation, etc... I will first assess the app and make a list of the points that need to be optimised. We will then start with the ones that have the biggest impact and that can be fixed in the lesser amount of time.

Do you have a website with legacy code that needs refactoring ?

Many companies build up legacy code without having made the corresponding automatic tests, and this generates technical debts. In this scenario, implementing new features or fixing bugs becomes harder, and the maintenance costs grow. When the project can no longer afford to take any more technical debts, modifying and refactoring the code is the only choice. We can work together in putting your project back in the right direction by testing your legacy code and slowly rewriting and cleaning your code.

Do you need the help of an experienced developer to help you with the hiring process?

Looking for a new developer can be time consuming and finding the right person is not an easy task. Recruitment agencies do some part of the job but you will still need a qualified person for the technical interview. My experience running these type of interviews has allowed me to create a list with the most relevant questions to ask and a collection of exercices to evaluate their technical knowledge. The clients that have put their trust in me in their hiring process have been highly satisfied with my selection.

Web applications and projects I worked on.

Get to know more about my different projects and web technologies I use.
vinum intro

Major French Retailer

Senior dev on large on large web application on Solidus/Spree solution for multiple E-commerce websites.

ozz intro

Major French Cosmetic Brand

Development full stack of a web application for crowdfunding and accompanying employees to build their own business.

cocolis intro


Ecological and innovative logistics solution offering a delivery service by individuals.

alerti intro


A social media monitoring service that needed to make a new highly scalable architecture.

Major French Retailer

Back end development of several e-commerce websites with the Spree / Solidus framework.

The technical stack is based on the Ruby on Rails framework, and the front end of the web application uses the React / Redux framework. The site is hosted on Heroku and using a postgresql database.

Custom development of specific modules for back office management via Solidus: Promotion management, management of customer returns and refunds, management of multi-packages and multi-warehouse deliveries.

Implementation of a powerful search engine via Algolia, for a quick and easy product search for the users of the E-commerce websites.

Implementation of data flows for communicating between existing entities of the company, service reporting, marketing, finance, etc ...

Major French Cosmetic Brand

Development of an internal web plateform to support and engage employees in creating their own business project.

HTML and CSS integration, responsive and available for all browsers, front end development via the Knockout.js framework and back end development via Ruby on Rails.

Interaction with the Ulule API for the crowdfunding management of the projects elected by the users of the platform.

Integration with Facebook and Twitter APIs for tracking ongoing projects on social networks.

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This application let individual carrier meet people that want to send packages from any size, the popularity of this french startup is increasing and they are the leader on this market in France.

The back end is done in Ruby on Rails, my mission is to develop the api to communication the front end application, design the code and the data schema and to implement new features. The goal is to have a clean, robuste code that can scale easily but still having a easily readable code which is tested from end to end.

The technologies used are Ruby On Rails, React as front end javascript framework, Postgresql as database, Heroku for hosting, and Elastic Search for semantic search.

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Alerti est une solution de veille et d'analyse des médias sociaux that want to control what is said about them online.

A big part of the Ruby on Rails application is a crawling system that gathers all information needed for the users. With a constant growth, this system started to work slowly with some database tables of several hundred million rows.

My mission was to make this app scale to handle more and more users. I started doing some research on different technologies, benchmarking for different databases and optimizing db indexing and db structure.

The second part was building the new architecture for the crawler that could scale whatever the charge. We used for that the following technologies:

  • TokuDB as a sql engine
  • Sidekiq for background parallel job processing
  • rabbitMQ for messaging service between apps
  • Redis for caching data

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tilkee intro


Securisation of its API with Oauth2.0 protocol and authentication via external providers like Linkedin.

ktc intro

Kiffe tes courses

A comparison shopping engine that crawls products data from different French online shopping sites and helps you build the cheapest cart.

onbrand intro


A modular Saas solution for managing brands, used by Shell, Diageo and Nestle among others.

diageo intro

Diageo SmartBrand

World's leading premium drinks business, Diageo has a portal used globally to manage their assets, marketing projects, customers...


Before opening its API to their users, they needed to secure it so that only authenticated external applications could access the API and do actions depending on their access scope.

I set up for that a Oauth2.0 service provider in Rails. External applications like Salesforce can now hook up Tilkee API into their own system.

The second part of the mission was to make the registration and login processes as easy as possible using external providers like Linkedin or Google apps.

If users have their google or Linkedin accounts associated, they can get authenticated in the application without having to enter any login credentials.

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Kiffe tes courses

A comparison shopping website that aggregates products, compare them automatically and come up with the cheapest store.

I joined the team to help them both on the back end and the front end part of the site. This application uses the stack Ruby on Rails backed by a Mysql database, talking with the AngularJS via a Grape API.

On the public part of the site, I implemented the graphic remake and help on different features like the "closest shop interface" using the localization, Google Maps, and the list of shopping stores in France, The goal of the feature was to choose the closest stores to compare products from, via an intuitive interface.

On the admin panel, The most chalenging feature was to make the "matching products" algorithm. Crawlers are scrapping different API and stores without stopping, and with the volum of data retrieved, we had to automatically find the good matchs for a product in other stores and if not available, find the most accurate replacement. This is a key part of this kind of comparison sites, and I had to find the best algorithm depending on product's name, brand, size, number of items, colors, etc...

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The module I worked on is designed to manage the workflow of marketing projects.

On this project I was responsible for developing the front end code for this module. Using an in-house oriented object javascript framework for complex javascript applications ( similar to Backbone.js). The design of the framework architecture allowed us to have an application that is:

  • modular
  • maintainable
  • extendable

The technical challenges we faced during the development were:

  • managing multiple users and permissions
  • having a strong and powerful search for assets using Solr
  • making the application out of the box ,easily deployable, maintainable and customisable for different customers and brands

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Diageo SmartBrand

Here are some of the projects I took part in whilst working on this application:

  • Implementation an entreprise search using Solr and Ajax making the search page intuitive and easy to use thanks to facets, filters and saved searches
  • Development the help section of the site
  • Use of advanced excel spreadsheet for data importation
  • Creation of pickup area that was needed for customers not registered within the system. This required me to implement a secure and enclosed area necessary for downloading and viewing assets

In order to make Vyre's work more efficient I also developed two javascript frameworks which are now used by the whole company:

  • A javascript validation framework that is easy to use and configure
  • A javascript framework which improves the usability of multiple select boxes (a bit like chosen)

Unfortunately, these codes are property of Vyre and not publicly available.

I like to get work done properly and I will always leave a happy customer.

I am here to solve your problems and come up with a solution that will fit your needs. I think that communication is the key for a successful web project. That's why I prefer to work with the Agile development methodology. It consists on a iterative and incremental build approach that will allow your project to be flexible, quickly deployed and at the most effective cost (read all the advantages).

We can also work together in a more traditional way.

Requirement Analysis

This is the most important part for both of us. I will here discover and understand your needs and what you want to achieve. The more I know about what you need to accomplish, the better my chances are of creating the website you want. We will discuss here about your goals, target users, budget and deadline.

Design and Prototyping

This is the process of taking your idea and turning it into a tangible product. We will make a mock-up of your website. We will then be able to work on the details and have a clear mind about where we are going.

Coding and Testing

This is where I start implementing a functional website based on the protoype we agreed on. I also thoroughly test abd ensure that the site is optimized and working properly in the most recent browser versions.

Deployment and Maintenance

After your final approval, it's time to go live. We upload everything to your server, configure everything and do a quick check. After the launch of your project, I can help you enhance your app to ensure that it evolves and stays in sync with your business.

Not convinced yet ?

"He was able to understand our functionnal logic and the code of our application very quickly. We are very satisfied with the work done and recommend him with our eyes shut. "

— Timothée Saumet, Tilkee CTO

"I highly recommend him as front end contractor. He is very motivated, highly skilled in his trade and delivers a good job, on time and on budget. I will use his service in the future if we have a front end ask that will need to be outsourced. "

— Albert Guðmundsson, Unify Technical Lead North Plains

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