Diageo SmartBrand

World's leading premium drinks business, Diageo has a portal used globally to manage their assets, marketing projects, customers...

  • Category : Asset management, DAM
  • Period : 2009 - 2012
  • Tags : Frontend

01. Project details

Here are some of the projects I took part in whilst working on this application:

  • Implementation an entreprise search using Solr and Ajax making the search page intuitive and easy to use thanks to facets, filters and saved searches
  • Development the help section of the site
  • Use of advanced excel spreadsheet for data importation
  • Creation of pickup area that was needed for customers not registered within the system. This required me to implement a secure and enclosed area necessary for downloading and viewing assets

In order to make Vyre's work more efficient I also developed two javascript frameworks which are now used by the whole company:

  • A javascript validation framework that is easy to use and configure
  • A javascript framework which improves the usability of multiple select boxes (a bit like chosen)

Unfortunately, these codes are property of Vyre and not publicly available.

02. Technologies and tools

  • Solr search engine
  • Vanilla javascript
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