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A comparison shopping engine that gathers product data from different online shopping sites to build the cheapest cart.

01. Project details

A comparison shopping website that aggregates products, compare them automatically and come up with the cheapest store.

I joined the team to help them both on the back end and the front end part of the site. This application uses the stack Ruby on Rails backed by a Mysql database, talking with the AngularJS via a Grape API.

On the public part of the site, I implemented the graphic remake and help on different features like the "closest shop interface" using the localization, Google Maps, and the list of shopping stores in France, The goal of the feature was to choose the closest stores to compare products from, via an intuitive interface.

On the admin panel, The most chalenging feature was to make the "matching products" algorithm. Crawlers are scrapping different API and stores without stopping, and with the volum of data retrieved, we had to automatically find the good matchs for a product in other stores and if not available, find the most accurate replacement. This is a key part of this kind of comparison sites, and I had to find the best algorithm depending on product's name, brand, size, number of items, colors, etc...

02. Technologies and tools

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Mysql
  • AngularJS
  • Google Maps API
  • Elastic Search
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