A modular Saas solution for managing brands, used by Shell, Diageo and Nestle among others.

01. Project details

The module I worked on is designed to manage the workflow of marketing projects.

On this project I was responsible for developing the front end code for this module. Using an in-house oriented object javascript framework for complex javascript applications ( similar to Backbone.js). The design of the framework architecture allowed us to have an application that is:

  • modular
  • maintainable
  • extendable

The technical challenges we faced during the development were:

  • managing multiple users and permissions
  • having a strong and powerful search for assets using Solr
  • making the application out of the box ,easily deployable, maintainable and customisable for different customers and brands

02. Technologies and tools

  • Solr search engine
  • Vanilla javascript and in house MVC framework
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