A fresh product and chef-prepared meal delivery service, directly from your local neighborhood shops.

01. Project details

This application enables home delivery of products from local merchants. It required integrating a rapidly growing technical team, expanding from 3 to 15 developers within a few months. This complex task necessitated an adjustment of working methods and existing processes.

I initially brought my expertise and knowledge of the open-source e-commerce framework Solidus/Spree to Epicery, where I had previously worked with Carrefour. I was able to contribute to the promotion system, the order state machine, and the implementation of return and refund management within Solidus.

As for the frontend part, I initially rewrote the homepage of the site using the Vue.js framework. Later, I collaborated on the rewrite of the front-end application using the Hotwire technology of Ruby On Rails.

Finally, a significant task involved replacing the online payment system of the application, Adyen, with the Stripe system to enable better payment management. This was a particularly complex task given that the payment system is a central element of the application, especially within a marketplace environment.

02. Technologies and tools

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Vue.js
  • Hotwire
  • GCP
  • Stripe
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