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Joining the greaaat network

A quick note to say that I joined a network of french freelancers Greaaat

A quick note to say that I joined a network of french freelancers called greaaat, and you know what? It looks… promising!

That was exactly the kind of network I was looking for. I think that’s a really good idea. As a freelancer you are usually by yourself when you are looking for answers or guidance, and usually Google is your best friend in this case (quit sad isn’t it?).

Anyway, this kind of network is good for both clients and freelancers. As a client, you are sure to find a freelancer available and if your project is growing and you need different type of skills you will find that with greaaat. There are all type of skills in the network. As a freelancer, you can find and share all type of resources or questions. We also share our clients. When you get contacted for a work you cannot do, there will be a freelancer in greaaat available and the same goes the other way too when you get a period without much work.

The creator of the network, Jonathan Path, has good ideas of other websites to help freelancers and I will be happy to help if I can. That means that I will probably write few blog post about freelancing on its website. We will see what come next but I feel like it’s a beginning of a new adventure :)

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