Sign a pdf contract on mac in 30 seconds

How did I miss this for so long? I finally found the easiest and free way to sign pdf contract on mac with Preview. It will only require a webcam. These are the steps: Open your document with Preview. Go to Tools > Annotate > Signature Click on »

Joining the greaaat network

A quick note to say that I joined a network of french freelancers called greaaat, and you know what? It looks…. promising! That was exactly the kind of network I was looking for. I think that’s a really good idea. As a freelancer you are usually by yourself »

Git commands to remember

Even if I use git everyday, I don’t always remember the exact commands to do some git actions. This is few notes I like to have close when I need them. Saving work in progress in a specific branch When you need to make a quick change on another branch »

About this and the lost of the context

As a javascript developer you will at one time or another find the common problem where you have something undefined because the this refers to the global window object. Let see an example: var MyObject = { name: "Loic", hello: function »

Pros and cons of Test Driven Development

I won’t tell you again that testing your app is important, you know that, right? I was asked this question recently and I think it’s worth sharing it here. PROS: It is first a safety net. All the existing code is tested. As human programmers we make »

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